At PPC, we take a one on one approach to our services. That means our programs are custom built for you and your organization using a dynamic models-based approach to learning.

“Our credit union has experienced record loan growth during our time working with PPC. The customized incentive program that Chris installed has motivated our staff to advocate for our members, find additional opportunities and has delivered results.”  Jim Norris, CEO Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union

It’s simple and easy! We start by offering a free one hour strategy session that helps us learn more about you and how we can serve you better. Best of all, it’s free so what do you have to lose?  From incentive plans that move the needle to the best lending training in the industry, we have the right solution for you.  Our sales and service programs focus on education and advocacy with effective closing techniques that help your managers create that high-energy and winning culture that says "we are all in, all day, every day".

See our comprehensive list of services below that are backed by more than 30 years of industry experience.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply call or email us and ask.  It's always custom at PPC which means we build the right solution for you.

Performance Management

  • Money is not the primary reason people leave their job.  We show you how to hire, develop and promote top performers.
  • Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.  Is your Management team aligned?  Do they support each other and communicate effectively?
  • Your front-line managers must play the role of coach and scorekeeper.  Let us show you how.
  • Numbers tell a story.  We give you the right metrics to effectively measure performance and drive results.
  • Our on-site coaching visits will demonstrate actionable, easy to implement programs that will show immediate results.


Sales and Service

  • We custom built, trained and rolled out sales and service programs in 2018 that increased loan volume by more than 30%  and doubled ancillary sales in many instances.
  • Our six step sales process shows you how to connect with your member by taking on the role of an advocate.
  • Implement incentive programs with performance scorecards that move the needle and grow revenue.
  • How to set goals, measure the team’s progress and communicate results that encourage your staff versus tearing them down.
  • How to turn your Call Center into a Lending Center.  Be ready with an effective strategy that kills the call and delivers solutions.

Risk Based Lending

  • We offer an end to end consumer lending solution including lending training, underwriting and back end loan audits.
  • Teach your loan reps and underwriters how to become expert loan finders and show your borrowers how to save thousands.
  • Grow loans with the right mix of risk and yield.  Our team has over 50 years of manual underwriting experience.
  • We coach your team to find the motivation of the borrower and become an expert in the 4 C's of lending.
  • We educate your team on the inner workings of a credit score and how to identify an upward or downward trend.

Strategic Planning

  • Build an organizational structure that defines the right Vision and Strategy for this year, next year and for years to come.
  • Help your Executives and Mid-level Managers build a winning Culture that is 'all in'.
  • How to position yourselves in the market and build the right business plan that is custom fit for your organization.  Find your niche and implement a plan that will be executed with great efficiency.
  • How to benchmark your program with specific milestones and implement quarterly check ins to ensure you are on pace to reach your key objectives.  Our work is just getting started when the planning session ends.

Universal Employee

  • The hottest trend in the industry.  We've lived it during our careers and we'll show you how to implement this high risk, high reward strategy effectively.
  • Reduce service bottlenecks and take the member experience to the next level.
  • We will build the 'right fit' training program customized to your staff and be there to roll it out for you.
  • On-site quarterly follow-ups for the first twelve months to ensure this strategy becomes part of your culture.
  • Implement performance scorecards that are relative to the employee's expanded role.  Contribution = Compensation.


Credit report Training

  • We offer on-site training that teaches your staff  how to read a credit report effectively by identifying the inner workings of a credit score.
  • We train your staff on how to be an advocate for their borrowers by showing them how to boost their credit score and pay less.
  • Identify additional sales opportunities by calculating competitor interest rates and recapturing more loans.
  • Dig deeper on lower credit scores and manage risk effectively by identifying the trends and asking the right questions.
  • Learn the "not now, but here's how" approach to denials so you don't lose relationships.


Let us show you three quick ways to improve results and enhance your team's performance.  Contact us Today to schedule your free one hour strategy session.