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The idea for Performance Pros Consulting (PPC) was born more than twenty years ago when I promoted my first employee to a management position. It was a great feeling to see someone achieve success and watch them grow as a leader. The feeling never got old so I kept on training, mentoring, promoting and watching them grow into industry leaders. We offer the following customized programs: 

  • Sales and Service Training
  • Credit Report and Lending Training
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Consumer Loan Origination
  • Consumer Loan Underwriting

PPC has a fresh approach to consulting, but we rely on the age-old belief that a team rowing with all oars in the same direction will win the race every time. Culture, Vision and Strategy are the three core principles that PPC is built on. They are the bedrock of our existence. Culture is our team’s behaviors, our beliefs and our values. Simply stated…It’s who we are! If we build an organization that expects to win and reinforces the positive every day to build on those expectations; then we are primed for success.

Meet Our team

Chris Maynard

Chris is a former Chief Operating Officer (COO) with multiple credit unions.  His skill set of managing teams ranging from 20 to 130 people as well as his experience as a senior executive with companies whose asset size ranges from $90 million to $28 billion provides a unique perspective and the ability to ‘right-size’ when delivering solutions to PPC clients.  Chris leads a team of national consultants working with credit union clients coast to coast.  He specializes in building custom sales as well as service solutions and risk-based lending programs.  His expertise in the field of performance management including front-line incentive plans, goal setting and sales management is critically important to PPC clients in these times of intense competition.  The ability of front-line and mid-level managers to excel in their role of Coach and Scorekeeper can be the difference between average and industry leading results.  Chris holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University.

Previous roles

  • Executive Vice-President
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Senior Vice-President of Operations
  • Vice President of Lending

Valerie Lentz

Valerie is a seasoned risk-based lender that has been manually underwriting consumer loans for 20 years.  She is an expert at finding solutions for borrowers with credit scores ranging from 500 to 850.  It’s all about making a difference in their lives while mitigating the risk to the credit union.  This skill set has helped PPC clients grow loans as well as increase interest and non-interest income by lending to more of their membership.  Valerie is an expert in consumer credit reports and helping clients understand key factors that affect the direction of the score.  This enables our clients to show members how to improve their credit score and pay less interest.  Her passion in this area led to the development of the ‘not now but here’s how’ approach that shows borrowers a path to borrowing with credit unions in the future.  Her training shows lenders how to take a conversational loan application and get the rest of the story by using the 4 C’s of Lending.  It’s more than just a credit score and debt ratio.   Valerie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Concordia University Chicago. 

Allison Kirkland

Allison Kirkland

With over 20 years in the mortgage industry, Allison works with Credit Unions and Community Banks building custom real estate lending programs throughout the country.  She takes pride in offering something of value to her clients by assisting them with training their staff and helping them make a larger impact on the markets they serve.

Whether it’s building a program from scratch or giving your program that long needed tune-up, Allison’s frontline experience paired with her training and operational background gives her a unique perspective to bring value to PPC’s partners with every step of the process.

“Now has never been a better time to explore alternative options to refinancing and to offer a less complicated, easier to access, lower interest rate and lower fee solution.  My background with mortgage lending and working in and with financial institutions will ensure a seamless build-out of an incredible program for your institution.”

Previous roles

  • Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Wholesale and Correspondent Lending Account Executive
  • Financial Institution Services Manager
  • Correspondent Lending Trainer


Ashley Reid-Beach
Ashley Reid-BeachVP/COO, 1st Cooperative FCU
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"1st Cooperative reached out to PPC to gather understanding of how we could partner with them to bring the credit union quality, hands-on, credit report and lending training. After a quick virtual meeting, management was presented with valuable information including a reminder about the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation offering a grant, through the Hamilton Fund, for small credit unions to receive a discounted on-site visit. So, in less than an hour, PPC had saved the credit money and provided valuable information. During our initial on-site, Valerie Lentz, reviewed a sample of loan files approved and denied gaining insight into what underwriting has looked like for our credit union. Before she left, she took a picture of our wish list of loan programs so she could think about how PPC could help! This immediately showed us that this was going to be a good partnership and not another transactional based relationship. We aren't finished with PPC but the future looks brighter with their partnership! "
Travis Hall
Travis HallCEO, South Carolina National Guard FCU
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"Chris and Valerie did a great job providing a custom training program tailored to our credit union and the specific needs of our staff. They set up the training session in way that engaged the staff from beginning to end."
Shawn Mathey
Shawn Mathey Operations Manager, HCP FCU
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"Working with PPC's customized underwriting solutions has been incredibly beneficial for our members and the growth of our lending team. With the ability to render underwriting recommendations along with identifiable cross-sell opportunities within 20 minutes on average, PPC's approach has led to an incredible increase in our lending volume. We also appreciate that they take the time to track those cross-sells and review them with us on a monthly check-in call. Working with the PPC team has been a wonderful learning experience for all of us. We value their knowledge and appreciate the way their contribution to our lending operations has made a real difference. Thank you, PPC!"
Ryan Poulin
Ryan PoulinCEO, New Dimensions Federal Credit Union
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"Chris and Valerie did an amazing job training our staff. Their training materials and style was concise and easy to understand. I highly recommend PPC to any credit union looking to grow its loan and deposit portfolios. We have already recouped the investment that we made."
Jim Norris
Jim NorrisRetired CEO, SkyPoint Federal Credit Union
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“Our credit union has experienced record loan growth during our time working with PPC. The customized incentive program that Chris installed has motivated our staff to advocate for our members, find additional opportunities and has delivered results.” 

Hiring the right leaders who have the Vision to define the direction of the organization and the ability to surround themselves with difference makers who can execute a Strategy is how we cross the finish line first…and as a Team!