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Meet our Team

Welcome Allison Kirkland to the PPC family! She will be heading our Real Estate Consulting division with her 20+ years of experience working with credit unions and community banks.

On-Site Training

Having fun with Democracy’s team at their meeting! Shared the importance of being a ‘credit score educator’ and being an advocate for our members while offering our services. My favorite part was brought by the CFO with Financial Jeopardy!!

Meet Our Team

“I strive to keep our turnaround time low as our Partners need to receive quick decisions for members. In turn, this drastically speeds up the funding time for our Loan Officers. At PPC, we keep our turnaround times low by having multiple people available throughout the day in the event of a large influx of applications. I love talking to the Loan Officers and showing them how they can have better conversations with members to uncover the needs they may not know they have. Also, I love to show the loan officers how to improve their member’s credit scores to assist in their financial wellness. This creates a tighter bond with our Partners and their members.”  –Mark Goess, Underwriter I


A big shout out to Greensboro Municipal FCU for having a closing ratio of 84%.   Setting goals and expectations while conducting strong loan interviews contributes to quick turnaround times so members are not waiting for their money.