Welcome to the Loan Coach powered by Performance Pros Consulting. Our loans help borrowers buy homes, secure reliable transportation to work, pay for education and consolidation bills. In other words, they make a difference in our borrower’s lives. Let our 45+ years of manual underwriting teach your loan reps, loan officers and underwriters how to be expert loan finders. And do it using real time, on live loan applications. We will coach your loan reps through the application and credit report which will lead to building the right solution for your borrower. The right solution is a phone call away!!

All it takes is three simple steps to for your loan reps to get coached and excited about every opportunity that comes through your doors.

PPC Loan Coach Flyer

Ready to be the best?

Let us show how you can turn five loans into ten loans by building upon every opportunity that walks or calls in. Coaching loan reps with the all in approval will grow loans and interest income.