We understand that strong managers can be difference makers to your organization. That’s why we use the Rising Manager model to help you identify, train and coach first level and next level leaders. First level leaders such as Branch Managers, Department Managers, Product/Service Managers are on the front lines every day serving your members, clients and customers. The Rising Manager model is designed to help you put the right “cheeks in the seats” to capitalize on opportunities and produce outstanding results.



Let’s examine the four points on the diamond of the Rising Manager Model:

  1. Do they have the KASH (knowledge, attitude, skills, habits) to provide next level sales and service? This is where aptitude meets attitude. Talented employees with the energy and drive to succeed give fuel to an organization. At PPC, we will help you identify current and potential employees that will “rev” the organization's engine.
  2. A Rising Manager can be a shooting star if they don’t have good coaching and mentoring. We have specific programs that will help you challenge Rising Managers and move them along the path to success.
  3. Additional responsibility is critical to accelerating a Rising Manager’s climb through the organization. Without empowerment and trust, the risk of losing a Rising Manager increases substantially. We have dynamic models and job aids to show you how to empower a Rising Manager without putting the organization at unnecessary risk.
  4. Measure everything and benchmark results. Performance evaluation is a must and Rising Managers not only expect to be evaluated; they ask for it.  We will develop custom evaluations and set goals with your team to reinforce the Vision, Strategy and Culture of the organization.


All of this may cause you to ask why? Because People make the difference. The Rising Manager model is just one of the many models and job aids we use at PPC to deliver a customized solution for you and your team. Call us Today to learn more.


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