Our Approach

Our mission at Performance Pros Consulting (PPC) is simple: We help you build high performance teams. Then, we show you how to keep them. Our Vision is a little more unique. We use a models-based approach to learning where we teach you and your team how to apply fundamental concepts of sales and management to very different situations with the goal of producing consistent and superior results. We will take a one on one approach with you and deliver a program that is completely customizable to your organization. We give you customized job aids and the confidence to apply them over many different situations that you encounter on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We will not give you a two hundred page manual that may never leave your shelf. We want life-long learners at PPC that never stop climbing. We will teach you to have the courage and confidence to execute a strategy and we will expect you to have the humility to give your team credit when that strategy succeeds. That’s the PPC difference. All in, all day, every day.

Our Story

The idea for Performance Pros Consulting (PPC) was born more than twenty years ago when I promoted my first employee to a management position. It was a great feeling to see someone achieve success and watch them grow as a leader. The feeling never got old so I kept on training, mentoring, promoting and watching them grow into industry leaders. Today, we offer three core products to our clients in the form of three customized programs:  Risk-based lending, Sales and Service and Performance Management as well as such much more...

PPC has a fresh approach to consulting but we rely on the age-old belief that a team rowing with all oars in the same direction will win the race every time. Culture, Vision and Strategy are the three core principles that PPC is built on. They are the bedrock of our existence. Culture is our team’s behaviors, our beliefs and our values. Simply stated…It’s who we are! If we build an organization that expects to win and reinforces the positive every day to build on those expectations; then we are primed for success.   Hiring the right leaders who have the Vision to define the direction of the organization and the ability to surround themselves with difference makers who can execute a Strategy is how we cross the finish line first…and as a Team!

Meet Our Team


Chris Maynard

Chief Strategist, Performance Pros Consulting




Favorite Quote: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Clemson University football coach, Dabo Swinney

Chris is a seasoned banking executive with proven results. He is an elite team builder with experience leading teams ranging from 20 to 130 staff members.   Chris consults with clients from Maine to Florida and from the East Coast to the West Coast helping them become experts in risk-based lending.  He will teach your staff how to connect with your members and to become an advocate for them through needs-based selling.  His experience as a COO with multiple credit unions lends a real world perspective as he works with clients helping them become industry leading managers and inspring leaders.  Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from West Virginia University.


Professional Experience

  • Consulted with clients in Risk-based lending, Performance Management and Sales and Service.
  • Created custom incentive plans for clients resulting in record loan volume.
  • Developed and completed training rollout for risk-based lending programs serving clients throughout the U.S.
  • Completed risk-based pricing validation for loan portfolios.
  • Created and launched sales and service program(s) with daily sales tracking, monthly scorecards and annual performance reviews.
  • Created micro loan programs to expand product offerings and deepen member relationships increasing year over year loan volume by more than 50%.
  • Created custom credit card programs with rewards and unique offerings in the local market.
  • Worked directly with CEO's and the Executive team creating dynamic organizational structures that compliment your culture and help you get the most out of your team.
  • Ran sales division of 34 branches and 130 staff members for a multi-national company with $28 billion in assets.
  • Doubled size of Call Center operations while creating a virtual branch with full service lending and account opening options using the Docusign product.
  • Opened Correspondent Lending Division for multiple credit unions giving credit unions. the ability to originate Conventional, FHA, USDA and VA mortgages in 38 states.
  • Doubled size of business loan portfolio of $650 million credit union in two years.


Current or Previous Roles

  • Executive Vice President
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Lending



Vice President of Operations




Valerie is a seasoned risk-based lender and is an expert at finding solutions for borrowers to make a difference in their lives. Valerie is an expert at reading credit reports and showing borrowers how to improve their credit score to pay less interest. She is passionate about working with lenders to develop their underwriting skills so they manage risk effectively, close more loans and communicate in a proactive manner with the borrower. She teaches lenders how to get the rest of the story and shows them how credit risk is more than just a score. Valerie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Concordia University Chicago.

Professional Experience

  • Collaborated and maintained the High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) underwriting guide, which is currently serving 200+ clients and has 300,000+ applications submitted yearly.
  • Worked with LOS systems on HYLS integrations for credit unions.
  • Developed and maintained a loan audit program, which grew by 20% each year. Reviewed findings with credit union’s lending team to continue their lending education and expanding their development of loans.
  • Lead person in portfolio analysis reviews which took a deeper dive into the credit union’s loan portfolio by reviewing new members, recently approved direct and indirect loans, identifying missed opportunities, and looking for trends the credit union can learn from within their non-performing loans.
  • Dissected loan policies to assist with removing barriers for potentially building more loans or fill in any holes that allow marginal members to be approved through automated decisioning.
  • Manager of Training at a lending call center that had 200+ employees. Training included how to talk to borrowers, discuss credit and enhance their score, make recommendations to underwriters, and create a sense of urgency to close the loan.
  • Consulted with 50+ credit unions working side by side with lenders on understanding risk-based lending and how to work with their members to improve their financial lives.

Caroline Lucas

Senior Consultant




Caroline is passionate about the consumer experience. She has a decade of retail sales experience and brings a unique perspective on how to motivate and incentivize a sales staff. Caroline draws on her experience as a commission salesperson coupled with her role in management to teach employees that every interaction is an opportunity. She places great significance on staying up to date with technology and is an expert on all aspects of virtual solutions and sales. Caroline has built teams to deliver fast, personalized solutions to customers in a technologically advanced setting. As a manager, she has hired and trained employees on a virtual platform teaching them risk-based lending and how to identify cross sell opportunities. Caroline is an expert at outbound sales and how to effectively use business development calls to gain new members. She is active in her community and believes in taking a holistic approach to lending and underwriting.

Professional Experience:

  •  Leader and branch manager for a team of virtual and retail employees. Responsible for training all new hires on outbound sales, depository work, lending, credit report review, underwriting, business development, and pertinent technologies
  •  Generated over $3 million in individual loan volume within a 10-month period
  •  New depository, mortgage, and consumer lending on a virtual platform
  •  Fully commissioned sales employee for Verizon wireless with district leading sales achievements